I have experienced video from many different sides of production. In grad school, I was taught how to pitch, shoot, and edit a full video feature story. But in my career, I have spent a lot of time in front of the camera, doing "I tried it" content for CafeMom and Revelist. I have also pitched, scripted and sourced numerous celebrity and trend videos during my time at CafeMom.


"Best Plus-Size Swimsuits Under $30" | CafeMom

I tried on plus-size swimsuits under $30 from six different retailers to find the best bang for my buck.

"These Natural Hair Holiday Looks Sleigh!" | Revelist

Here are three glittering natural hairstyle that are perfect for the holidays. 

"Refresh: Fur-baby Friday!" | LittleThings

Check out me as a guest anchor on this episode of Refresh!

"Secrets to a Perfect Fitting Bra" | CafeMom

UK lingerie brand Curvy Kate shows us all of the important things to consider when searching for the perfect fitting bra. 

"We Tried Kylie's Ultra Glow Highlighters" | CafeMom

We tested Kylie Cosmetic's "Ultra Glow Highlighters" on four different skin tones. 

"Walmart Trendy Summer Plus-Size Haul" | Revelist

Mary Anderson and I tried on Walmart's new affordable, size-inclusive brands: Time and Tru & Terra and Sky.

"Watch How This Stylist Transforms Curly Hair" | CafeMom

This New Jersey-based curly hair expert worked magic on my damaged curls. 

"There Are SO Many Ways to Wear a Scarf" | CafeMom

A visual guide on the many, many different ways to tie a scarf. 

"See Us Recreate Our Favorite Kardashian Looks" | CafeMom

Planning to dress up like a Kardashian for Halloween? See how we recreated our favorite Kardashian looks IRL.

"Dominican Designer Cenia Paredes Created Jeans That Don't Gap" | MamásLatinas  

This designer made jeans WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


"This New Glitter Hair Trend Is Beyond Dazzling" | CafeMom

Glitter hair is one of the latest beauty trends that has everyone sparkling. 

"Kids Love This Dessert That Gives Them Dragon Breath" | CafeMom

People all over the world are loving this trendy "dragon breath" treat. 

"Who Does North West Take After?" | CafeMom

North West defineitly has a lot of star power in her blood. But, who does she take after the most?

"Kourtney's New BF May Just Be Her Perfect Match" | CafeMom

Kourtney Kardashian and her new boyfriend appear to have the dreamiest relatioship. 

"Is The Kardashian Dating Curse Real?" | CafeMom

The Kardashian ladies can't escape rumors that they curse the men they date, so we took a look at the evidence. 

"Why Mila Kunis Is Our Favorite 'Bad Mom' IRL" | CafeMom

Mila Kunis always keeps it real, especially when it comes to motherhood. 

"These Celeb Breakups Were (And Still Are) Devastating" | CafeMom

Sometimes we get way to invested in celebrity relationships. These divorces had us on the verge of tears!

"Glitter Foods Are Officially a Thing Now" | CafeMom

Edible glitter is being used in just about every dish you can think of. 

"Cotton Candy Ice Cream Is the Dessert of Your Dreams" | CafeMom

Cotton candy AND ice cream all in one? Sign us up! 

"The Kardashians' Best Maternity Looks" | CafeMom

No one does maternity style quite like the Kardashian sisters.

"Kanye's Cutest Dad Moments" | CafeMom

Yeezy may keep a straight face for the public, but for his kids he's a whole other person. 

"Fans Think Kate Gosselin Is Too Controlling as a Mom" | CafeMom

Reality star Kate Gosselin is always receiving criticism for being "too controlling." 


"Vintage Love"

Get to know the new vintage shop in Downtown Syracuse.

"Yoga with Dara" 

Learn more about popular Syracuse yoga instructor, Dara Harper.